Room #842
Barbara Minch | Sharon Sayegh
West Orange | East Brunswick

Barbara Minch started as a photorealist painter, working on large cityscapes of New York City and Philadelphia, documenting time and place like a visual diary.

She then moved from being an observer of the world to conveying a more personal, internal and surrealistic journey through collage, painting and sculpture.

Sharon Sayegh is a contemporary artist whose work addresses universal as well as political themes through metaphor and symbolism. It is infused with the beauty of nature, animals and women.

"They Came For Me On An Indigo Night" by Sharon Sayegh, oil and Swarovski crystal on canvas, 24x30

They Came For Me On An Indigo Night
Sharon Sayegh
oil and Swarovski crystal on canvas
24 × 30 in.

Barbara Minch
paper clay and paper collage
29 x 48 x 42 in.