Blond Jenny

Blond Jenny is a painter, photographer, and performance artist. Her work is a mix of storytelling through her alter ego, cartoon character Blond Jenny, her self-portraits, found objects from nature, 360-degree photos, video, and lenticular photography. 

Her recent work is focused on nature, women’s rights, and American politics. She uses video and self-photography with mix media to expand the range of expression in her photography.

She continues to develop techniques so she can challenge the boundaries of her expression. She likes to explore new media and play with it as part of her overall story. Her intent is to show that with nature or flowers we can be more connected and happy. She has found freedom in nature and continues to explore the path between life, death, and beyond.


Unseen Passage
Blond Jenny
archival print (limited edition 1 of 5)
11 x 17 in


We see what we want to see. As John Berger said, “seeing is believing.” In this negative work, I show the energy of nature that we don’t recognize in real life. I expose the spirits of stones, leaves, air, and wind hiding in nature that we easily overlook in our reality. In an alternate dimension, we might experience this type of image as fluid energy connecting everything as one. Using a negative image gives me a different view of the world.