Chee Bravo

Chee Bravo is a multimedia artist and printmaker. She creates portraits of people in manipulated environments by using a combination of photography and computer manipulation which are then recreated on canvas or paper through mixed media, painting or silk screen. Her Subway Performers series was inspired by the performers found in the New York subway. This series has grown to include performers found in subways abroad. Her recent trip to Havana, Cuba, have inspired her to create a new series of portraits. These portraits reflect the people and their culture.

Her cumulative approach to her work reflects her traditional beginnings as a printmaker, her extensive graphic design career, and childhood growing up in the culturally diverse Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies before immigrating to the U.S.

Chee Bravo received her BFA in printmaking at the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and have received multiple awards throughout her career. Her work can be found in The Trenton City Museum permanent collection, NJ, The Frost Museum permanent collection at Florida International University, FL, The Brooklyn Art Library, NY, Frontline Arts of NJ and private collections.

Subway Performers—The Trio
Chee Bravo
22.75×17 in.


The Trio is part of my Subway Performers series. It is a screenprint created from a digital collage of eight photos/images from which eight screens were then made for hand screening on paper. This series began with capturing the essence of the unique New York subway experience.

Layered images of random performers and their surroundings are used to create an illusion of intimate familiarity. In this screenprint, Pisces, the astrological illustration from Grand Central’s ceiling, is found in the center sphere. The fiddler leads the viewer towards the base player then to the flutist whose bold, uncanny gaze confronts you.

Intricately woven into the musicians’ garments is the NYC subway map. Bronze and silver highlight the instruments prominence while two provocatively posed Neo Classical muses engulf in shimmery blue create a mystical atmosphere amidst the gritty NYC subway underground.