Dan Saland

Dan Saland was born/raised in Northern NJ and has created various forms of art throughout his life. Since 2012, his passion has been stone sculpture.

A licensed psychologist by profession, Dan specializes in working with teens, families, and adults. As an existential-humanistic therapist, he finds many connections between psychology and sculpting a medium that is millions of years old. Dan’s approach is one of patience and humility. The relationship that is developed with each stone and the process of sculpting itself are critical to the creative experience. Similar to the human psyche, sculpting is an evolution of formation and becoming. Dan also finds carving stone quite cathartic as the sculptural challenge leads to deep self-reflection and change. He appreciates the natural process connecting him to an immense history of craftsmanship. He especially enjoys sharing his art and talking about the multiphasic practice.

Silverback Gorilla
Dan Saland
Wizard’s Myst alabaster stone

18 × 12 × 13 in.


This chunk of wizard’s myst is brittled and threatened with endless fault lines, yet solid stone. It captures the existential dichotomy the silverback gorilla faces – as one of the most endangered species on the planet, he still stands tall, drums his chest and strikes the ground in defiance.