Jersey City
Danielle Scott
Mixed Media

Danielle is a soft spoken artist who is starting to explore loud, noise making, thought provoking work. The work represents examples of her life and passion. Her latest pieces are strong elements conveying the intense beauty and pain the artist sees in the works around her. The work taps into the relationship between politics, social justice, equality, human and women’s rights, police brutality, modern day slavery, culture and being female, lesbian, afro-Cuban/Polish Jew. Danielle’s new work depicts today’s culture. She creates using photo montage, found objects, old books and collage. Danielle collects objects that speak to her and help to convey her message. Danielle’s paintings, raw photography and eye catching found object assemblage work invites the viewer on a journey to explore a world far away from the hustle of everyday life. With influences from her mentors the late Jack Whitten, Gladys Barker Grauer and Eleta Caldwell as well as present mentors Bisa Wendy Washington and Ben Jones , Mansa Munsa and Willie Cole.

They carry the truth in their backpacks
Danielle Scott
mixed media assemblage

36 in. diameter


This piece depicts my son and daughter armed with bullet shells. We send our children out into the work unarmed but armed with knowledge, books etc. Our children venture to church, the malls, clubs, school with no protection. I am not against being armed at all. We should have the right to protect ourselves and children from those who want to play the role of the creator. Our children are unarmed and not dangerous but being targeted for the color of their skin in America daily. When will others stop feeling threatened by people of color?