Jorge Larrea

Jorge Larrea was born in Quito, the oldest city in the Americas and the most picturesque capital in the Andes. The city inspired his artistic curiosity with its legendary history and exquisite colonial, indigenous, and contemporary art.

At twenty-two, Larrea left his beloved city and family for a new venture in the USA, with only $200 in pocket and a handful of English words. Thanks to synchronicity and hard work, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in art history and fine arts, and a masters in education, both from Saint Peters University in Jersey City.

Larrea describes his life as a journey led by intuition, and art has become his favorite and most transforming activity. He has explored with painting for a quarter of a century, and has developed a unique pictorial and philosophical language. Intellectual truths may be conveyed in words, he says, but it;s awesome when we can see expressions of our deepest humanity represented by symbols and color on canvas. He describes his art as symbolic, influenced by the colors of South American art and the aesthetic ideals of the Renaissance.

To see more work from Jorge Larrea during Art Fair 14C, please visit Clerestory Fine Art in Exhibition Room 821.

Jorge Larrea
oil on canvas
48 x 60 in.


The most basic geometric shapes and hue gradation can create the most atmospheric spaces on canvas. The use of vibrant saturated colors amplifies the illusion of depth, light and time. Up invites the viewer to dive into the light and experience the enormity of physical and mental possibilities within the surface of the painting.