Room #860
Loura van der Meule
Jersey City NJ

Loura van der Meule is a native of The Netherlands, coming here in the 1980s on a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Culture.

She uses patterns and textures, drawn from her environment and heritage, as organizing themes in her work. These are expressed in her use of traditional lace patterns, nautical ropes, netting and brick patterns through time, all of which are strongly influenced by the cultural traditions and physical environment of her native Zeeland.

Most recently, she expands her use of patterns and textures to organize her exploration of the old industrial architecture in Jersey City, as it rapidly disappears.

"John's Old Chimneys" by Loura van der Meule, oil pastel on paper, 32x43

John’s Old Chimneys
oil pastel on paper
32 × 43 in.