Michael Endy

Member of the 2019 and 2020 Art Fair 14C Juried Show

Michael is an artist, non-profit administrator, curator, and brand consultant. As an artist, Michael’s large-scale photographic compositions have been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally and his work is included in many private collections. Michael has also given frequent talks on his artwork at universities and to arts organizations.

In his presidential roles with Pro Arts Jersey City and the Westfield Art Association, Michael has since 2014 provided support, educational opportunities, and exposure to hundreds of visual artists throughout New Jersey. Michael has also curated and juried national, state, and local exhibitions for many organizations across the state.

As a brand consultant, Michael’s clients include a mix of established global Fortune 500 companies and upstart American biotechs.


Michael Endy
diorama photograph
30 x 30 in.


New Jersey plays a starring role in my photographic series, Night Symphony No. 1. These images depict the familiar landscapes of our state’s suburban-industrial environment set in the foreboding darkness of night. And while human interaction is the focal point of each image, the characters are seen from a distance – as though the viewer is spying on the action. The actors and the landscape combine as a still frame from a film noir that was never made; there is a story unfolding and an unmistakable undertow of menace. It’s just what we expect of New Jersey.

My images are created with miniature dioramas; I build, paint & light models, using hand-painted scale figures as my actors. The backgrounds are images enlarged on computer screens, enabling the complete composition to be captured in a single photograph. This approach allows me to create the photographs I want to see and the stories I want to tell.