Room #833
Patricia A. Bender | Robert Bernstein
Somerset NJ | South Orange NJ

Patricia Bender and Robert Bernstein are New Jersey artists joined in a mutual passion for geometric abstraction. They first met about ten years ago at a photography critique group. Over the ensuing years their artistic paths diverged, with Robert expanding his practice to include painting and sculpture, and Patricia moving into drawing and camera-less work. All the while, they have remained devoted to their exploration of abstraction. The 14 C Art Fair presents an ideal opportunity for them to exhibit their work together.

"Geometry 116" by Patricia Bender, unique gelatin silver print/photogram, 10x8

Geometry 116
Patricia A. Bender
unique gelatin silver print/photogram
10 × 8 in.

Inside the Pantry 2
Robert Bernstein
oil on canvas
30 x 30 in.