Sofia Zubi

Sofia Zubi is an artist, illustrator, and author currently based in New Jersey.

The subject of Sofia’s work has been both personal and symbolic, inspired by actual experiences and dreams. Sofia started her visual diary series in 2013, during her studies at Pratt Institute. Her body of work has since evolved into a narrative journey, illustrating the Princess as an illusive spectacle of herself. Sofia’s drawings and paintings tell stories through invented and historical symbolism, examining portals of literature, philosophy, and multicultural folktales.

Although predominantly a painter, Sofia recently took this last year to write and illustrate her first children’s novel, Sawdust, and has made wearable sculpture dresses for the 2019 Scene to Be Seen wearable runway show in Naples, Florida. 

Sofia is presently represented by Linda Matney Gallery, AV Gallery, the Naples Art Association, and Emillions Art.

Sofia Zubi
acrylic and charcoal

46 × 66 in.


Healing is a part of Sofia’s Mother Nature series. This series explores the quest of the Princess as a metaphor of the journey of life. She is lead on a path by the animals, who serve as omens. She begins on this new journey, where the modern world is completely absent, and instead she must foresee the true experience of the natural world. Every element within the painting is a message. As the path flows, so does life with its many twists and turns.