Room #823
TFLR Contemporary
Brooklyn NY

TFLR Contemporary launched in 2019, starting as a conversation between Therese Fretwell and Lynn Rakos at an exhibition opening. They discussed the way most galleries focused on two sectors – either showcasing young artists fresh out of art school or selling work by those of blue chip status.

TFLR Contemporary exists in the in-between.Their artists are mid–career, working with galleries and curators around the world. They’ve had time to define a vision of the world, hone their skills and develop their techniques. Yet they are still evolving, developing unique avenues of exploration. They have collectors, many of the artists hold university positions, and they are going to keep making art.

TFLR aims to be a bridge to connect new collectors with these makers, to create a space where they can explore the art together.

"Karl Marx for Kenneth Cole" by Fred Fleisher, acrylic on canvas, 30x26

Karl Marx for Kenneth Cole
Fred Fleisher
acrylic on canvas
30 × 26 in.