Jersey City
Theda Sandiford
Fiber Art

When you have entered your overwhelm of work, ambition, fear and fragility, there you will find Theda Sandiford and her work.

While many Artists are looking to uncover or remove the layers that we as humans walk with – Ms. Sandiford embraces them; giving them a place beyond the tips of our tongue and in the language of our visual memory. With music as a backdrop, community as fuel, we are transported into our own Selves, connecting to the metaphors we have created in our individual and collective lives. 

With her work, we are asked to embrace others in fellowship of found objects, the stroke of brush, and the warp and weft of every strand of rope – meticulously placed in chaotic grace on the crown and countenance of each moment. 

References to the past, childhoods’ unease and adulthood’s possibility – there are consistencies. Organized confusion and knotted moments in time, allow the viewer to safely navigate that which at first seems elusive. My hair, yes. Can I touch it, no. We are allowed to be free in our understanding of her work as all that is required is a chance to know ourselves anew. Theda Sandiford’s work recreates the experience of freedom – the one we know we each deserve.

Sandiford’s heritage has afforded her the opportunity to know herself as a symphony of aesthetic values. Her German mother and Barbadian father created a life for she and her sibling that constructed latticework of multi-hued understanding.

So when she was diagnosed with dyslexia and later MS, these ‘obstacles’ were addressed with a deliberateness that gave way to grace. To overcome the pressures of a career as a music executive, Theda’s work reflects the resilience required for a woman of color to create and traverse her own lane. With art as therapy she has taken notes for us all to use as reference. As the viewers of her work can and do attest – they are afforded the same.

Ultura Violet by Theda Sandiford

Ultra Violet
Theda Sandiford
100 ft × 1 in.
metal stand by Robert Koch


Created during a series of open studio yarn wrapping sessions, I invited the community to wrap and hitch knot thousands of yards of yarn, recycled sari thread, plastic cord, trim, ribbon, sequins, trim and pom poms onto several 100’ of cotton ropes.

More than 50+ participants have imbued their essence, becoming a part of the rope, as we discussed the trials and tribulations of our gray hair, teal hair, thinning hair, hats, wigs, weaves, braids and locs. Despite these differences, we found a common denominator amongst us all, HAIR.

To see more of Theda Sandiford’s work during Art Fair 14C, please visit Exhibition Room 843, where she will be doing workshops each day.

To see more of Robert Koch’s sculptures, please visit Broadfoot and Broadfoot in Exhibition Room 816.