Room #811
Tomato Mouse
Brooklyn NY

The mission of Tomato Mouse is to advance public interest in the arts by presenting innovative art in an underserved area, the Ocean Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, to offer exceptional emerging and under-represented artists an opportunity to exhibit their work, and to engage the local community through participation in the arts. 

Tomato Mouse’s gallery, Tomato House, is an active experiment in what art means and how it reaches people. Artist owners Rebecca Bird and Nathan Koenig strive to create a less market oriented art world, with more art that everyone can enjoy and afford, and more direct connections between artists and their audiences.

They see this as a project that they cannot stop doing, because it is too important that artist-run spaces should endure and provide an alternative to the dominant market-driven gallery system.

"The Circle" by Rebecca Bird, acrylic and graphite on canvas, 108x109, courtesy Tomato Mouse

The Circle
Rebecca Bird
acrylic and graphite on canvas
108 × 109 in.