Jersey City
Tyler D. Ballon

Tyler Ballon is a Jersey City based artist whose work concentrates on a close analysis of issues on everyday life, creating a commentary on those issues while also connecting it to scripture. He creates life size or larger than life paintings of people of color portrayed as characters in The Bible.

His work plays on the roles of power that has been presented in art history, making people of color as the central focus of these stories and also God’s chosen people.

Ballon brings the stories and scripture to life while also bringing the issues we face to the surface. Our pain has been in embedded in deep layers of despair and familiarity. By painting this and bringing exposure to these problems he is creating work that represents the pain of all people of color. His main objective is to shining light on these issues in also connecting it to God’s word.

Painting has always been a tool to express everyday experiences. Whether it be good or bad it was documented to let people know that this situation and experience existed. Issues of people of color are swept under the rug so often that we do not even take notice of what’s going on.

Tyler’s calling as an artist is to pinpoint problems by bringing them to the forefront. His work sparks a dialog on these issues while also informing individuals who never been through these experiences. His paintings show how God can be seen in our everyday circumstances, while also showing how people of color face the same persecution as the early saints in scripture. His work gives a shape to his Christian faith as he sees it at work in his world.

"Strengthen the Brethren" by Tyler Ballon, oil on canvas, 90 x 60 inches

Strengthen the Brethren
Tyler D. Ballon
90 x 60 in.


This painting is a representation of the unity in the black community. When we are positions of power we should use our strengths to strengthen others.