Room #852
Walter Wickiser Gallery
New York NY

The Wickiser Gallery formerly opened in Soho, NY, in 1992. Wickiser’s primary direction as a gallerist at that time was to exhibit work by both American and Asian-American painters, as well as artists from China, Japan and Korea. The focus was to create a visual dialogue between these cultures, and simultaneously remind us of the ability of the arts to transcend cultural boundaries.

Early in the history of the Wickiser Gallery the United States State Department and Art For Embassy’s Program became interested in exhibiting Wickiser’s choice of Asian artist in United States Embassy’s in Seoul, Korea, Manila, Philippines, Quatar, Bucharest, Romania and Cypress.  Currently, Wickiser’s collection is being exhibited in the United States Embassy in Moscow.

Since 2005, the direction of the Wickiser Gallery has been to focus more on Post-War Abstractionists while keeping the aesthetic of painters that synthesize Eastern and Western values.

"Into the Eddy (1980)" by Ralph Wickiser, archival inkjet print, 26x40, courtesy Walter Wickiser Gallery

Into the Eddy (1980)
Ralph Wickiser
archival inkjet print
26 × 40 in.