Program costs and fees

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Costs and fees

This is the inaugural year of the Residency 14C program and we are in the early stages of grantwriting and fundraising to lower, or eliminate, the costs for artists to participate in the program. 

Though sizes differ, each furnished live-work residency apartment costs approximately US$5,000 US per month, which would be approximately US$1,250 per month each if shared by 4 artists.

This includes the furnished live-work space as well as all utilities and access to residency programs and opportunities, including performance and exibition opportunities.  Transportation, meals and art supplies are not included at this time. Although we recognize that these are significant financial amounts for artists at the start of their careers, it should be noted that the cost is below market rate rent for even an unfurnished apartment in downtown Jersey City.

It is our intention to create as many partial and full fellowships as possible in the coming years through grants and fundraising, but in our inaugural year of 2024, those fellowships will likely be limited.

The final costs are subject to change – but will be finalized by the time of application and acceptance.

Want to help us reduce these costs?

Of course donations are always welcome, but we really need artists who may be interested in participating to fill out a pre-application questionnaire.

Why? Because the information from the questionnaire will allow us to go to funders and get underwriting support. It will also allow us to examine the existing facilities and determine what changes need to be prioritized.  At the moment, the top item on the list is to remove the athlete’s ice bath and replace it with slop sinks.

The $25 application fee will be waived for all artists who fill out the pre-application questionnaire by March 1, 2024.

Questions? write to us at