As a nonprofit, Art Fair 14C is unique among art fairs.  We know you have questions – see the most frequently asked below, or ask us at info@artfair14c.com.

frequently. asked. questions.


Q. When and where is Art Fair 14C?

The 4th Edition of Art Fair 14C will be held November 11-13, 2022 at the Armory in the McGinley Square area of Jersey City, New Jersey. The Armory is a new venue for Art Fair 14C this year, and its 46,000+ sq ft of exhibition space will allow us to have our biggest fair yet.

The Armory is in the McGinley Square area of Jersey City, a short walk from the Journal Square PATH with ample parking.

Q. Jersey?


America’s most densely populated and oft mocked state is more than just a thoroughfare between New York and Philadelphia — and no one does Jersey jokes better than its natives.

New Jersey is home to thousands of artists, both established and emerging, and is filled with art lovers.  Although overshadowed by the robust and established art scenes in NYC and Philly, the Garden State can more than hold its own.

Q. Jersey City?

Jersey City!

The Centre Pompidou could have picked any number of places for its first North American museum, but they chose America’s most diverse city, a city that is counts the arts among its primary economic engines.  In 2020 Jersey City’s voters overwhelmingly passed a referendum to raise the property taxes and establish an Arts Trust to distribute funding to the local arts and artists.

Just across the river from Manhattan, but significantly less expensive, Jersey City is well located for both artists and audiences.

Q. Do I have to be from New Jersey to participate in Art Fair 14C?

No – all are welcome!  

The Showcase special section of the fair is restricted to artists who live or have a studio in New Jersey, but the Exhibition Booths are open to all.

We’re serious about being inclusive – our exhibitors in the past have been traditional brick and mortar galleries — from the NYC area, around the country and international — as well as online galleries, individual artists, artists’ collectives, arts organizations, residency programs and even a university MFA program.

Q. How can I apply?

Applications for the 4th Edition of Art Fair 14C are now open – click here – with a deadline of July 5, 2022 for both Exhibition Booths and The Showcase.

There are seperate applications for Exhibition Booths and The Showcase, and starting in 2022 we will not be combining applications for eligible New Jersey artists. 

Q. How much does it cost to participate?

Participation in The Showcase costs no more than the application fee ($25).

Exhibition Booth fees have increased slightly for 2022 to $93 a linear foot – but that is still well below actual cost.  We have also set aside eight booths at $900 each for exhibitors who are unable to pay the full booth cost.

Q. How can you offer exhibition booths below cost?

It’s essential and integral to our mission.  

Art Fair 14C is not just an event, it’s a program to provide artists and arts businesses with an international art fair experience — and all the ripple-effect benefits that such an experience can accrue — for a price that will help them make a living in the arts.

Q. Is Art Fair 14C part of Art House Productions?

No, we are a stand-alone nonprofit.  In 2021 we partnered with Art House with the intention of merging the two entities, but at the end of the year we came to the mutual decision that it was not a good fit.   

Q. Why did Art Fair 14C move from the Glass Gallery to the Armory?

The Glass Gallery at Mana Contemporary was a spectacular venue for the 3rd Edition of Art Fair 14C, but the extensive renovaton and construction happening at Mana in the second half of 2022 precluded us from returning in November for the 4th Edition.   Mana Contemporary has been a partner and supporter of Art Fair 14C from the very beginning and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

That said, we are extremely excited about bringing the fair to a new neighborhood in Jersey City, and the Armory is a vast and stunning space.  We’re also pleased to be able to open up the Armory to the wider community, many of whom have never been inside.

Q. I have more questions.

Happy to answer any and all – just write to us at info@artfair14c.com