Mission & Goals


Project 14C is a program of Art Fair 14C, which has been an arts organization for six years, with a 4-fold mission:

  • increase opportunities for artists
  • expand public access to fine art
  • strengthen careers in the arts
  • activate underrecognized arts communities

Although Art Fair 14C has primarily focused on the visual arts over the first five years of its existence, Project 14C is open to artists of all disciplines.



Project 14C was created to aid artists in establishing professional careers by providing a creative community and incubator space as well as mentorship and access to professional development experts and arts partners. Both Jersey City and neighboring New York City are arts-rich municipalities with manifold opportunities for artists of all kinds.

Artists have been coming to the New York City area for decades (centuries!) to pursue their dreams, but it can be a daunting and expensive struggle for an artist on their own. Residency 14C can provide help entering to the New York art world, as well as the time and assistance to build a foundation for a lasting career in the arts.

We believe in the transformative power of the arts on a society, and having a concentration of artists in the Powerhouse Arts District will be of benefit to both the artists and the wider community.

Though exhibition and performance will be facilitated, there are no end requirements for the Project 14C residency program. Just being part of the residency community, furthering your practice, and exploring the options of the area are all we ask of the participating artists.

Questions? write to us at residency@artfair14c.com.