Application & Eligibility

logo of Residency 14C program


Artist must be at least 21 years of age by the start of their residency period.  

There is no upper limit for age, but the residency is intended for artists in the early years of their professional careers, and we anticipate that the majority will be in their 20s or early 30s.

Artists of all disciplines will be considered for the residency program, including visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, film, fashion, architecture, design and culinary arts.

There are no geographic restrictions, but international artists must secure any necessary visas.


The application will open in March 2024, with the expectation that the first accepted artists will move in to the residency starting in June 2024. Artists will be accepted on a rolling basis and applications will be judged by experts in each discipline based on talent as well as the determination that acceptance in the residency program would be of significant benefit to both the artist and the community.

In the mean time, please fill out our pre-application questionnaire.

The information from the questionnaire will allow us to shape this residency into one that can be truly nurturing and transformational. It will allow us to go to funders and get underwriting support. It will also allow us to examine the existing facilities and determine what changes need to be prioritized.  At the moment, the top item on the list is to remove the athlete’s ice bath and replace it with slop sinks.