3rd Edition of Art Fair 14C
November 12 – 14, 2021
The Glass Gallery at Mana Contemporary
10 Senate Place
Jersey City, New Jersey

Applications are now open
Deadline is August 9, 2021

The Glass Gallery at Mana


For its 3rd Edition, Art Fair 14C has moved to a new location – The Glass Gallery at Mana Contemporary. The Glass Gallery is 30,000 sq feet of column-free exhibition space, with steel rafters 15′ off the ground.

Art Fair 14C is unique among art fairs, with a nonprofit mission to strengthen art galleries and expand opportunities for artists.  To fulfill that mission, Art Fair 14C offers exhibition booths substantially below cost.

Art Fair 14C welcomes all exhibitor applicants – in the past we’ve had everything from established Chelsea galleries to brand new web-based galleries, as well as arts organizations, individual artists, groups of artists, even a university art department. Our exhibitors have come from Europe, South America and Asia, as well as NYC and all parts of New Jersey.

Monday November 8, 2021
Load in and set up of walls and lighting; art drop off permitted 

Tuesday November 9, 2021
Art installation and booth set up

Wednesday November 10, 2021
Art installation and booth set up
Media access

Thursday November 11, 2021
Cultural Partner access only, 11am-6pm
Sponsor reception 6-9pm

Friday November 12, 2021
VIP access only, 12pm onward
Reception 6-9pm

Saturday November 13, 2021
VIP access 11am
General public access 12pm-7pm

Sunday November 14, 2021
VIP access 11am
General public access 12pm-6pm
De-installation and breakdown allowed after 6pm

Monday November 15, 2021
De-installation and breakdown


Exhibition booths come in three size categories, all are $75 per linear foot, except for eight booths we have set aside for of $750* each, in recognition of recent hard times for artists and galleries.

Note: although our price of $75 a foot is a fraction of the cost that other art fairs charge, it is less of a discount than we had hoped to be able to offer, but the combination of tariffs and Covid has significantly raised our material costs.

Base price for a booth includes: 10’ height walls, lighting, a table with two chairs; does not include closet buildout or other supplemental walls, which are available for an additional $75 per linear foot.


two walls – 8’ by 10’ ($750* 8 units)

two walls – 8’ by 10’ (base price: $1350)


three walls – 10’ by 12’ by 10’ (base price $2400)

three walls – 12’ by 12’ by 12’ (base price: $2700)


three walls – 12’ x 22’ x 12’  (base price $3450)

three walls – 12’ x 22’ x 16’  (base price $3750)

four walls – 16’ x 22’ x 16’ x 16’ (base price $5250)

*the booths priced at $750 have been set aside for at least 8 applicants because the pandemic has had a disproportionate effect on the arts. Applicants requesting a discounted booth must answer a question on the application about the effects of the pandemic.  We are not looking for the saddest story, applicants who request the discount will be given it based on the total application score.  If we get a larger than expected number of applicants requesting the discount, we will work to increase the program.

Important: if you are an individual NJ artist planning to apply for an Exhibition Booth as well as The Juried Show, you can apply for both at the same time for a single fee of $40 ($60 after July 1st). Just choose the combination category on the application.


FAQs for Exhibitors

Q. Who can apply for an exhibition booth at Art Fair 14C?

Anyone can apply, whether a traditional gallery, online gallery, arts organization, individual artist, or pair or group of artists.

Although many of our applicants come from New Jersey, applications are open to all, and we have had exhibitors from around the world.

The deadline to apply is August 9, 2021.

Q. I’m not a traditional brick-and-mortar gallery, can I still apply?

Of course! We recognize that the traditional model of gallery is in flux – it’s one of the reasons we created this art fair – and that there are many different ways that art dealers can exhibit and sell art.

In past editions of Art Fair 14C there have been a wide variety of Exhibitors – from established Chelsea galleries to online startups.  We’ve had individual artists exhibit, as well as artist collectives, arts organizations, and even the Art Department of a university.

We are open and flexible in our requirements for Exhibition space applicants, but if you are uncertain about applying, please feel free to email us at artfair14c@arthouseproductions.org, explain your business model, and we will be happy to help guide you.

Q. Since the fair has moved from the Hyatt to the Glass Gallery, where should we stay if we need a hotel room?

We are working on low cost exhibitor hotel rates, and should be announcing our official partner hotel soon.

Q. Do I have to provide and/or build my own exhibition booth walls?

This is actually our most frequently asked question – which may say something about how little is routinely offered to small galleries and artists.  No, you do not – we will provide the walls, we will provide the lighting, we will provide tables and chairs.

And we’ll be doing so for a rate that is substantially below cost.

In the past Art Fair 14C was a hotel fair and the cost to exhibitors was just the cost of their hotel room.  Given consideration to the pandemic’s outsized effect on the arts, and given our nonprofit mission in general, we are determined to offer exhibition space for a price that is well below that of other art fairs.

Our booth prices will range from $750 for a two-walled space 8′ x 10′ to our largest booth, which has four display walls totaling a massive 70 feet of display space, which is $5,250.  Although these prices are below cost, we had originally wanted to keep them even lower – but the combination of Covid and the recent trade war has increased the costs of supplies and materials.

Q. How can you offer exhibition booths for below cost?

It’s essential to our mission.  Art Fair 14C is not just an event, it’s a program to provide artists and arts businesses with an international art fair experience — and all the ripple-effect benefits that such an experience can accrue — for a price that will help them make a living in the arts.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we rely on donors and sponsors to help us with our mission. You can donate here.  The donation will be through Art House Productions – Art Fair 14C is an initiative of Art House Productions.

Q. Do I have to be from New Jersey to participate in Art Fair 14C?

Yes and no.  The Juried Show is open only to artists who live or have a studio in New Jersey, but the Exhibition Booths are open to all.

In 2021 Art Fair 14C will strictly abide by New Jersey’s Covid-19 regulations and restrictions, which may make it impractical for exhibitors from outside of the United States or outside of the Northeast.

Q. Is there a fee to apply?

Yes – although we are a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the visual arts, we do need to have an application fee to cover the costs of the application – an application through the Submittable program and honoraria for our judges.

The fees are $25 for the Juried Show, $60 for an Exhibition Booth ($40 early bird through July 11th).

Applicants who are not accepted will receive two complimentary day passes to Art Fair 14C.

Q. I have more questions.

Happy to answer any and all – just write to us at artfair14c@arthouseproductions.org

floor plan for Art Fair 14C at the Glass Gallery

global exhibitors. New Jersey attitude.

the 2021 judges


2021 Exhibitors will be selected by the Art Fair 14C Advisory Board and staff

the Juried Show

Ronni Anderson | Anderson Contemporary

Diana Burroughs | Marlborough Gallery

Krista Scenna | Alexander Gray Associates

Applications are judged solely on the quality of the artwork submitted for consideration and judges score each application on a scale of 1 to 10.

Juried Show scores are averaged, Exhibition Room scores are cumulative.