4th Edition of Art Fair 14C
November 11 – 13, 2022
The Armory
678 Montgomery Street
Jersey City NJ

For its 4th Edition, Art Fair 14C is moving to a new and larger space.  The Jersey City Armory is 46,000 sq feet of column-free exhibition space, with 50 foot ceilings.

Art Fair 14C welcomes all exhibitor applicants – because we recognize that the traditional brick-and-mortar gallery model no longer describes the entire fine art ecosytem, we deliberately cast a wide net. In the past we’ve had everything from established Chelsea galleries to brand new web-based galleries, as well as arts organizations, residency programs, individual artists, groups of artists, university MFA programs, and even another art fair. Our exhibitors have come from Europe, South America and Asia, as well as NYC and all parts of New Jersey.

Art Fair 14C is unique among art fairs, with a nonprofit mission to increase opportunities for artists, expand access to fine art and strengthen careers in the visual arts.  To fulfill that mission, Art Fair 14C offers exhibition booths substantially below cost.

Although our exhibition booth fees remain below cost, we have had to raise them for 2022 due to substantial increases in material and labor costs.  This year booth prices will be $93 per linear foot, which is well below those of commercial art fairs.  We have also set aside eight booths at $900 each for exhibitors unable to pay the full costs.

Applications for the 4th Edition are now open, with a deadline of July 5, 2022.  Click here to apply.

global exhibitors. New Jersey attitude.

the 2022 judges


2022 Exhibitors are selected by a panel of the Art Fair 14C Advisory Board and staff

the Showcase

Katie Henry | Art in Offices
Susan Nelly | The Villa America FIne Art
Ulysses Williams | ArtCrawl Harlem

Applications are judged solely on the quality of the artwork submitted for consideration and judges score each application on a scale of 1 to 10.

Applications for the Showcase are given scores for both originality/creativity and for skill/technique.