5th Edition of Art Fair 14C
October 12 – 15, 2023
CRRNJ Terminal Building
Liberty State Park
Jersey City NJ

Applications for 2023 are closed


Exhibition booths come in several different size categories.  Please note that the new venue for the 5th Edition has a layout that can be tight and quirky in spaces, so booth sizes may end up being adjusted slightly.  If the adjustment is significant, the price will change up or down accordingly, and accepted exhibitors will be notified.

Base price for a booth includes: white walls approximately 10’ in height, at least two spotlights (3 or more for medium or larger booths); does not include closet buildout or other supplemental walls, which are available for an additional cost.  Exhibitors are permitted to paint their booths, or have our fabricator paint the walls for an additional fee.


L-shaped two walls – approx. 10’ by 6’ (price: $1,206)

L-shaped two walls – approx. 10’ by 8’  (price: $1,674)


U-shaped three walls – approx. 10’ by 10’ by 10’ (price $2,940)

U-shaped three walls – approx. 10’ by 15’ by 10’ (price: $3,530)


U-shaped three walls – approx. 10’ by 20’ by 10’ (price: $4,780)


U-shaped three walls – approx. 10’ by 30’ by 10’ (price: $7,880)

2023 Exhibitor FAQs 

Q. What is the venue in 2023?

The 5th Edition of Art Fair 14C is returning to the Jersey City waterfront to the magnificanet CRRNJ Terminal Building.  There will be ample parking as well as ferry and shuttle service – and spectacular views of New York City!

Q. What else is new in 2023?

Art Fair 14C is now part of a larger Art Week in Jersey City, with both the International Sculpture Center’s Annual Conference and the Jersey City Art & Studio Tour (JCAST) happening concurrently.  

We anticipate that the larger Art Week events will attract even more visitors to Art Fair 14C, which will be the centerpiece of the Art Week events. 

Q. Do I have to be from New Jersey to participate in Art Fair 14C?

No – we welcome exhibitors from all over! Although we always have a strong New Jersey representation among our exhibitors, we also have had many exhibitors from NYC, as well as other US and international locations.

Art Fair 14C deliberately casts a wide net – past exhibitors have included traditional brick and mortar galleries as well as online galleries, arts organizations, university art departments and artists in groups or duos or as individuals.

Q. Does Art Fair 14C take a percentage of sales?

We do not. Sales are handled directly by the exhibitor, retaining 100% of all sales.

Art Fair 14C does offer the service of processing the sale if requested by the exhibitor – we then handle the sale including the NJ state sales tax, and we take a 6% service fee.

Q. Does Art Fair 14C provide insurance for exhibitors artwork?

We have general event insurance – we cannot insure individual artworks – that would be not only cost prohibitive, but administratively daunting it would involve us having to log in and account for every single work of art in each booth.

The Terminal Building is just a few feet from New York Harbor – there may be temperature and humidity fluctuations during the fair days.

We take significant safety precautions, but we definitely encourage exhibitors to have their own insurance against theft, loss or damage.

Q. Where’s the application?

The application closed on May 1st

Q. I have more questions!

Please write to us at info@artfair14c.com and we’ll do our best to answer them.

global exhibitors. New Jersey attitude.

the 2023 judges


2023 Exhibitors are selected by a panel of the Art Fair 14C Advisory Board and staff

the Showcase

David Baskin | Artist 

Nina Kong-Surtees | smART Advisory

Jen Wallace | nAscent Art New York

Applications are judged solely on the quality of the artwork submitted for consideration and judges score each application on a scale of 1 to 10.

Applications for the Showcase are given scores for both originality/creativity and for skill/technique.

Robinson Holloway
Executive Director

Gretchen Von Koenig
Deputy Director

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