Road Trip

Road Trip

Between fairs, the Art Fair 14C team takes a series of road trips – doing gallery visits, studio visits and the occasional information session on the Fair, its mission and programs.

In 2019 we set ourselves the ambitious goal of visiting all 21 counties in New Jersey, and every Thursday for five months we spent the day in a different county, seeing hundreds of artists, gallery owners and arts administrators along the way.

Our plan for 2020 was to visit each region for three days at a time, but Covid canceled that plan.

While working on the November fair in its new venue, we have had to be more scattershot in 2021 – but so far we’ve spent a weekend touring Hunterdon County and its artists, and a (very) full day at the studios at Manufacturers Village in East Orange, doing studio visits with 22 of the 60 artists who work there.

We’re also visiting galleries and artists individually – as many as we possibly can.  For artists and galleries in New Jersey or the NYC area interested in a studio or gallery visit from the 14C team, please click here and we will do our best to get to you.