To help support Art Fair 14C’s mission and that of our partner, Friends of Liberty State Park, the 5th Edition of Art Fair 14C will have a fundraiser exhibition with artwork inspired by Liberty State Park – an amazing urban park with extraordinary views of NYC and New York harbor.

The park teems with wildlife – deer, foxes, rabbits, skunks, raccoons, cats, field mice and dozens of species of birds (and, regretably, lantern flies). The waters are home to beavers, crabs, fish of many species.  There are also inumerable trees, flowers and grasses. There’s even a golf course.

All submitted work must be original, and artists must agree to at least a 50-50 split on the proceeds from the sale of the work.  If the artist is in a position to be generous, donation of artwork would be gratefully received.

Deadline to apply: September 1, 2023 

Apply today!

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Pictured: “Green Arch” by Cheryl Gross