Artist creates a Forty-foot Knitted Flag on view at Liberty State Park in the historic CRRNJ Terminal

Stand/Fall II is a 20-foot by 40-foot knitted flag descending on the unofficially titled “Stairs to Nowhere” at Liberty State Park’s historic CRRNJ Terminal. The site-specific installation created by Jersey City-based artist Woolpunk® warmly welcomes visitors to the Historic Terminal and has become a staple backdrop to those traveling to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

The installation honors America’s ever-changing landscape and reminds visitors that together we stand, divided, we fall. Each stitch salutes every factory worker, bridge builder, and all the hardworking people of America. The artist notes about the starless flag, “We, the people, are the stars. How do we shine?”

Stand/Fall II was created for the 5th Edition of Art Fair 14C in October 2023, beautifully activating otherwise unusable space at a focal point in the Terminal’s historic Waiting Room. The installation received so much attention and acclaim during Art Fair 14C that arrangements were made to make it a permanent installation, donated by the artist.

“Woolpunk® created a magnificent work of art, that perfectly fits both the space and its surroundings,” said Art Fair 14C Executive Director Robinson Holloway, “and we’re thrilled that it will be on view to the public for years to come.”