The Jersey City area is very lucky to have a such a terrific writer and thoughtful art critic in Tris McCall – and Art Fair 14C is gratified that once again he has brought his insight to our event.

A few of our favorite lines from McCall’s review of the 4th Edition of Art Fair 14C in the Jersey City Times:

“Almost a year since its last visitation, Art Fair 14C is back in town. New Jersey’s largest visual arts event has taken over one of Hudson County’s biggest buildings.

14C has gone from humble digs to sports arenas faster than Taylor Swift did. In four short years, the Fair has established itself as a flagship cultural event for the visual arts in New Jersey. It has become the quickest way for an initiate in the scene (or a buyer) to learn the players, the styles, and the movements that make the Garden State, and Jersey City in particular, such fertile territory for artistic expression.”

“The tonal consistency and evident thematic through-lines of the Fair make this a much more approachable event than a sprawling exhibition held in a space the size of an airplane hangar has any business being. It also makes it far more legible and less intimidating than comparable Fairs on the other side of the Hudson.”

“…Art Fair 14C — a Garden State arts institution that, despite the accomplishment and dedication of all involved, could not have taken root and flourished anywhere else.”

The entire review from the Jersey City Times is definitely worth your time – read it here: Drama, Anxiety and Beauty at Art Fair 14C