67 artists from New Jersey were selected for the 2020 Juried Show at Art Fair 14C. Applicants came from 20 of the 21 counties in New Jersey (come on, Sussex County!), and selected artists from 14 of the 21. 

It’s a group diverse in background and experience, but unified in talent. Some 40% come from Hudson County, most of them from Jersey City.

Among others, Jersey City gave us the rising young art star Tyler Ballon, as well as the multi-dimensional Grigory Gurevich, whose work spans many decades and who was given the JCAC Legacy Award in 2019 for his long career in the arts.

No matter what your taste in art – landscapes, portraits, abstract, surrealism, realism, conceptual, mixed media – the 2020 Juried Show artists will intrigue, stimulate and delight.

Early bird half price tickets available through January 31.  Use code: EARLYBIRD50

Click here for the list of Juried Show artists.